Beans and Bowls

First, just checking that none of you misread my title as beans and bowels. Silly people.

If you might recall, I was delighted several months back when I received my first surprise issue of Dry Bean Quarterly. Today, I got the next issue. Don’t worry, of course I will share some bean secrets with you. This time, will talk about the nutritional winners in the legume family.

(the bean stats below are based on 1 cup cooked beans)

Want the most protein? Then pick up Adzuki Beans and you’ll score 17.3 grams protein.

Fan of fiber? Choose Cranberry Beans for 17.7 grams of fibrousness. And then, please, drink a lot of water.

Crazy for calcium? Navy beans are your best bet, with 128mg of bone building goodness.

Iron-you-enjoying-this? The dry bean with the most iron would be the Kidney Bean, with 5.20mg per cup.

Interested in prolonging your gastric emptying time? Chickpeas (or Garbanzo Beans) have the most fat of the dry beans, weighing in at 4.25 grams.

If this fascinates you, and I know it does, you can see the complete nutrition table right here. And no, I’d never heard of cranberry beans either. Apparently, they look like this.

Before we move on to the bowl part of this post, I’d like everyone who reads this blog (and I know there are thousands, but I have nothing but time) to leave a comment, telling me what your favorite dry bean is.


Good Reads for 2011

Santa was pretty good to me this Christmas with new reading material:

image (this may teach me all the tricks, but don’t expect amazing food photography on this blog.. not with my $70 point and shoot camera)

image (Brian is one of my “food heroes” and I definitely took a stalker-like photo when I saw him at FNCE 2008)

image (Dr. Shewfelt was one of my favorite college professors, who spent 4 years trying to convert me from dietetics to food science. He may have failed in that pursuit, but just published in introductory textbook, which of course I must read!)

But… the final book arrive in from Mr UPS yesterday, and was awaiting me in the box yesterday when I returned to the farm:

Behold, the pyrexic’s bible:


oh, you can’t see it? Here it is, up close and personal


Now I will know what is what in my collection and how much more I need to get.


And now, to complete this random post of beans and bowls, I leave you with Meerkats from the Houston Zoo

DSCN1161Have a great night everyone, and don’t forget to leave a comment about your favorite legume!


4 Responses

  1. I ABHOR chickpeas because of that little crunch in the texture, and they look like finger pads from a corpse. I love cannelini (white beans). When I was a kid, my mother would cook ham and navy beans and for years I wondered why they weren’t blue.

  2. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Nothing like good reading material. I’ll be interested in your comments on my book. Hope you have a great 2011!

  3. I like beans – but I want one of those pyrex books so bad! lol

  4. My favorite legume on New Years Day would have to be the famous black eyed pea. But throughout the rest of the year I go for the yellow-eyed bean.
    Happy New Year Elizabeth! I love your blog!

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