2010 Christmas Clean Up

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a lot of fun today. Hit up all the main thrift stores around town today for lots of shopping fun. I picked up 2 Snowflake Blue Pyrex casseroles in wonderful shape!

DSCN1149 Now, I just need to figure out how to fly back with vintage Pyrex…..

I’ve added a few Christmas ornaments to the collection, thanks to after-Christmas sales at Pier 1 and Kohl’s.

And.. to make up for all this shopping and new items in the house, we deemed this evening the “2010 Clean Up” and are donating LOTS of stuff. I successfully cleaned out my closet and desk from my bedroom, discovering things such as:

  • My Nintendo gameboy color (which miraculously still works after 10 years of sitting in a desk drawer!)
  • Middle school backpack, complete with homework and graded papers
  • Girl scout patches (not giving away!)
  • 5 pairs of identical Keds sandals
  • Pair of hiking shoes which haven’t been worn since visiting Ayers Rock in Australia (how do I know? The soles are still covered in red dust)

It feels so good to clear things out!


Tomorrow is my second to last day here in Texas, and may include a trip to the Houston Zoo, or to the movie theater. Either way, I’m just glad I’m here and not in Tennessee. Although the snow is melting now, looks like there were at least 4-6 inches at my house, and I would’ve been paralyzed for Christmas!


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