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Merry Christmas from Texas!

So sorry for the blogging hiatus; I traveled home to Texas on Wednesday and have been having fun with the fam.

Merry Christmas to all!

We’ve been having a blast with all of our pressies. Including… the Wii. I know it seems a bit late in the game to just now be discovering wii, but we’ve never been a video game family. This year, my mom asked for the Wii Fit, and so here we are.

So far, the Wii Sports has provided a lot of laughter and fun. My sister is completely breathless from winning her first boxing match, and I am slowly perfecting my bowling, and my dad almost threw his back out while serving tennis.


I received many wonderful gifts, including Pyrex (both new and vintage!), some LandsEnd ware (fleece vest, monogrammed tote bag, and an unfortunately huge fleece hat which must be returned), DVDs, books, several items from my parents’ anniversary trip to Italy (Venetian glass necklace, spice blends for pasta, and an olive-wood serving spoon)

Back-tracking to Christmas Eve, my sister and I hosted our annual Christmas Eve Movie and Appetizers delight. The menu included:

DSCN1121Meatballs, which were pronounced too dry and in need of additional sauce. I appreciated Jenna’s choice to use lean ground turkey for its health benefits, but suspect it may also be the culprit to dry meatballs. Being the vegetarian, I cannot taste or comment.

 DSCN1119My first attempt at a Cheeseball (accompanied by wheat thins) which was delicious

 DSCN1118Mass quantities of 7 layer dip, which we will likely be eating for weeks to come.

DSCN1117 My delicious Red Velvet Truffles, which I haven’t made in years, and no one seems to be remembering or enjoying, leaving me no choice but to eat them all by myself and spare my family of such a sky-high trans-fat intake. Takin’ one for the team :)

The movie this year was a tie between Iron Man 2 (Dad’s choice), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (Jen’s pick), so we watched both. We may also be hitting up the theater while I’m home to see The King’s Speech.

image image

I hope all of my readers have a very Merry Christmas. There may not be many of you, but I do appreciate you all!



As an update to my last post on the homemade bird seed ornaments: within 48 hours, the rain knocked all the ornaments off the tree, and Sheff devoured every last one. Yes, he ate 4 cups of birdseed and was then taken to the kennel as I headed out of town. I hope his digestive system is handling the fiber OK!

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  1. Hi. is that your Beagle on the banner of your blog? I adore dogs and especially beagles. x

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