Last week pre-Christmas


This is my backyard bird Christmas tree. I made them a set of ornaments this weekend, after seeing this inspiring tutorial. The Boy was less than enthused with my elementary idea to make homemade presents for wild birds, but I thought it was fun and thoughtful.


He did, however, like the gifts that I showered him with today. (My Christmas gift will be ready for New Years, I was told). In addition to baking his favorite childhood treat, I also gave him an accessory for his car, a collegiate Christmas ornament, and this game:


Hope his cousins are ready to play with Legos when The Boy heads home for Christmas!!


Now that The Boy has headed out and back to Nashville, I’m on laundry/dishwasher/organization patrol. Time to get ready for my last 3 days at the farm! I cannot wait for this forecast to be mine:



2 Responses

  1. Okay….Seriously jealous of the temperature forecast there in TN!

    • Oh no Jill… that’s what I’m looking forward to when I fly home to Texas! TN has been seriously cold, hardly above freezing for the past week! Hope you’re doing well :)

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