The 3 Wise Men


Who likes my smores christmas ornaments?? I’ve always admired this collection, and picked up two earlier this fall at a church rummage sale.

Here is Angel S. More


And his friend, Nudist the S’more (I don’t really know what this one is called)


And our newest addition to the collection, thanks to Kathy for sending it for my Christmas gift! Surprise S. More!


They’re too heavy to put on the tree, so they sit up on the mantle, above the fireplace, so they can supervise any real s’more production :)

I just saw this one online and must add it to my collection!!


Everyone wants a sock monkey friend, even the s’mores.

Hope you’re all having a good night and staying safe. Our forecast has snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain all in the next 12 hours. Should be yucky out there on the roads, but luckily I’ll be safe in here with NBC’s The Sing Off and my next cross stitch sampler to keep me busy.


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