gleefully quilting away

So I got tired of looking outside at the snow and obsessively checking’s forecast.

We’ve got maybe an inch out there, and hopefully it’s not going to all ice/freeze into a mess tomorrow morning. All the schools have already closed for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get out and get to work with no problem.

DSCN1090 Admire my nice supply of firewood, and ignore the fact that today’s attempt to create a fire failed miserably. I’ll get there one day!

The last item on the weekend to-do list was “practice quilting”. I’ve been hoarding fabric for the last few months (mostly vintage sheets, pillowcases and tea towels, mixed in with some fabric scraps found in the attic). In addition, there are plenty of amazing quilt/fabric/craft blogs out there that have been captivating my attention at work during my spare time. And so I figured it was time to see what I could do… listening to Glee’s Christmas CD along the way.


So far I’ve pieced together this little patchwork table runner. I have no desire to even attempt a bed-sized quilt – will most likely stick to things table doll sized :)

Have a good night everyone and be safe!



One Response

  1. Good luck on the quilting. Don’t know that I would have the patience for it. :)

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