Baby it’s cold outside

Although not as cold as my friends in Minnesota/Wisconsin, but still cold.

It has steadily dropped in temperature throughout the day, and we’re not sitting in the 20s at 3pm.

I ventured out briefly this morning to run some errands, but am spending the rest of the day inside conquering my holiday to-do list.

DSCN1084As part of my quest to go green this holiday season, I’m not buying any wrapping paper, ribbons, or bows, but rather using what I already have around the house. Hence this gift, wrapped in ads from the Sunday paper. I may also use some of the reusable bags that I picked up at my nutrition conference last month. Why not, right? 

In 2008 I went green by nixing the idea of sending out paper Christmas cards, and did an online holiday card/greeting with photos that I emailed out to everyone. It worked great, but I have a huge supply of Christmas cards (that I get sucked into buying after Christmas when they’re dirt cheap) that I may as well use up. Hopefully I don’t end up sending out the same card as last year to anyone!

Another item on today’s list “bake homemade dog biscuits” may not happen. I didn’t have time last weekend in Nashville to pick up Sheff’s favorite Sweet Potato biscuits from Trader Joes, and his supply of dairy- and beef-free treats are quickly dwindling. Thinking I could just bake a batch, I googled some recipes. Martha Stewart had a good looking recipe (at least, for a dog) but it required brewer’s yeast and wheat germ, which I don’t have on hand. I also don’t have any cookie cutters, let alone a dog-bone shaped one. I need a recipe for drop cookies I guess; those would be easier. Or maybe… when The Boy comes to visit next weekend, he can be Santa Paws and bring a few boxes of TJ’s treats for us??! (hint, hint)

Alright, I’m going to bundle up and take the dogs outside for a little run around before Harley gets too bored in here. He’s doing so well, I’ve even left him loose in the house now unattended with no problems! Good boy, Harley!



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  1. we also have a dog that can’t eat anything and we have been buying her and the little dog duck jerky treats for a while. they really love them and it doesn’t bother them at all. we can get them at petsmart, complete petmart, walmart and target here in wv. you my want to give them a try – we first bought duck jerky wrapped in sweet potato and we buy the sweet potato treats too!

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