Snap, Crackle Pop!

That’s the sound coming from my fireplace. I decided that tonight would be a snuggly winter night, complete with:

  • A roaring fire
  • Books to read
  • Christmas TV/Movies to watch
  • Christmas lights and decorations
  • Christmas PJs

So far, so good! It has taken almost 2 hours to get this fire sustainable, but I think we’re finally there. I cooked an easy and nutralicious (nutritious meets delicious) dinner of roasted veggies (broccoli and sweet potato slices) with a Chik’n patty and laughing cow cheese.

Now, I’m on the couch, with the sounds of the fire (and dishwasher and dog whines), in my new flannel Christmas reindeer pants and sweater, watching The Office Christmas episode. I missed it last night, while giftwrapping at the mall for Habitat for Humanity. I know, I’m such a good volunteer in the community :)

This weekend should be enjoyable. I tried to persuade The Boy to come on over for a visit, but he’s too busy back in Nashville being unemployed. You know how it goes…

And so, my weekend shall contain, in no such order, these wondrous things:

  • bathroom cleaning
  • dog biscuit baking
  • finishing Christmas cards/gifts
  • quilting practice
  • book reading
  • garage saling

Have a great Friday night everyone!


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