Hot chocolate and swiss chalet

Happy Saturday night from Nashville! It’s been a nice day today – starting with 50% off day at Goodwill, where I picked up a couple sweaters, a new messenger/tote bag, Jack Johnson CD, Cinnamon-scented candle and Swiss Chalet saucer.

Yup – this Swiss Chalet is my new dish pattern I want to collect. From the 1950s, I’ve only seen a few items in thrift stores, and they’re rarely cheap. But this guy was less than a buck, so I couldn’t pass it up.

Shopping continued when Corey and I went to Target and Kohl’s and shopped til we dropped for my DCS adopted family. I adopted a Grandmother and her 2 grandsons this year who are in need of help. We filled the car with bedding, towels, clothes and toys. Shopping for kids is always more fun than for adults – especially kids who are in need and will actually appreciate their gifts. I also opened a Kohl’s card for the encouraging 20% discount.

Other than shopping, it’s been a quiet day at The Boy’s apartment. Unfortunately, Harley has thrown up three times since getting here last night. That doxycycline is just not agreeing with his tummy!

Corey and I went out for our 1.5 year anniversary tonight at Germantown Cafe. We love this restaurant – ate there this time last year, and almost repeated the same meals this year.  Then we checked out some talented local’s Christmas light show, and came back for internet surfing, hot chocolate and TV watching.


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