Getting ready for winter

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it feels time for the Christmas and winter season to begin. Although winter is still three weeks away (officially), cold weather has started to move our way, as has my Christmas decorations.


The houses above are from my grandmother. She spent years hand painting a whole village of houses, which would be lit up and displayed at her house every year. In the past few years, she’s started to disperse her collection, and I scored the “Tweet Shop” and “Gone Fishing” cabin.

That beautiful Christmas tree in the middle is perfect for a Dietitian – it’s a vegetable Christmas tree! Peppers and star fruit make a wonderful tree.

But here’s our real tree:


We had a cold front move through last night, which brought some fierce winds and all-day soaking rain. Sheff had a terrifying night in his Super Suit, sedated, in the bath tub, but seems better this afternoon since the wind died down.

I’m spending my evening baking these lovelies, reading my new book, and likely some crafting. Oh, and Happy Feet is on tonight. I’ve never seen it.


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  1. On of those cottages is actually Chelsey’s…..

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