Meet Harley

Although I was sad to say goodbye to my family guests this weekend, Sheff and I are left with a new friend. Meet Harley:


He was found last week in our street as my mom was driving by. We originally thought he’d been shot with a pellet gun on his leg and in the face, but after a thorough visit at the vet, it seems more likely to have been a car accident. His lungs were badly bruised, and he was in terrible shape the first night we had him. My mom had to feed him soup from a turkey baster to get any calories in him, and we had to carry him in a towel because he could hardly get up.

After 3 days recovering at the vet’s office, he’s doing so much better now. He’s up and about, although he needs to stay quiet for another week to let his injuries heal properly. Unfortunately, he’s also heartworm positive, so we’ll have to start treating that in the future.


I’m hoping we can find a local rescue who will take him under their care, since I wasn’t planning on taking in another foster so soon. offers classified ad services, so I’ll likely put up a post about him there. I’m not sure what his history is – we’re thinking he’s a 3-5 year old lab mix, 45ish pounds. His teeth are very worn down, which leads us to suspect he was at one point an outside dog, chained/tied up. He seems to enjoy the inside life though, and has never once barked or whined. What a cutie.


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