I am thankful

For rediscovering this deliciousness at Dunkin Donuts


For my collection of vintage pyrex that makes great bake/serve ware

DSCN1042A breakfast casserole tastes better in pyrex!

DSCN1043How many pyrex dishes can YOU see? 

And also the other things, like my  family, job, house, dogs, boyfriend, friends. Many things to be thankful for this year!


We enjoyed an absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving day in the 70s. Here’s our table:


DSCN1048 Do you  like our hedgehog friend? He insisted we had 1.5 sticks of butter on the table :)

Dinner was followed by a Christmas light show, and the Texas/Texas A&M football game. I’m ashamed proud to say that I won’t be getting up before the sun tomorrow for Black Friday. It’s the first time in many years that I won’t be heading out early with my dad to hunt down the bargains. There just didn’t see anything in the ads that screamed “Come get me!!”. No problem. More time to sleep in :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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