You know you’re a dietitian when…

… you receive “Dry Bean Quarterly” in the mail.

Thought I’d pass along the 10 reasons why dry beans promote heart health (and why I love them).

  1. No sodium (unlike their canned cousins)
  2. Rich source of potassium
  3. No cholesterol
  4. Fat-free
  5. Rich course of dietary fiber, including cholesterol-binding soluble fiber
  6. Contains heart-healthy vegetable protein
  7. Excellent source of folic acid
  8. May help with weight management
  9. Pairs well with other heart healthy foods like fish and extra virgin olive oil
  10. May lower heart disease risk in people with diabetes

Sounds like the perfect reason to make some bean soup for dinner!


One Response

  1. Sorry, but its made with chicken stock and Polska Kielbasa….

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