I’m back

So sorry for the delay. Things have been busy around here since I returned from Boston!

Had a great weekend with The Boy. We got lost in a corn maze.


DSCN1003this adorable basset-beagle mix was lost in the maze too! :(

And I bought more vintage Pyrex (have to get my supply ready to serve Thanksgiving!)

DSCN1006This is the first piece I’ve ever acquired with the original cradle, all for a mere $3!

Today, I bought a 10 cup Corning percolator to match my Cornflower Blue collection. The Trader Joes “Wintry Blend” coffee I opened today tastes like someone held a pepper grinder over your coffee cup – I do not like peppercorns in my coffee blend! Ack. Back to trusty Dunkin’ Donuts!


My new 2011 planner arrived in the mail from South Korea yesterday. I love all the color coordinated stickers and pen holder. I already have list-making, color-coding and planning strategies for 2011.

image photo taken from the seller

And last but not least, I will admit to peeking at early versions of Black Friday ads online. I hope I can grab some bargains!

Have a great week everyone!


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