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Boston is an old city!

Made it to Boston today – an easy flight from Charlotte (you wouldn’t believe how many dietitians were on the plane), but not quite an easy trip to the hotel. Kathy and I braved taking public transportation in a foreign city, and ended up lugging our suitcases onto 1 bus, 1 subway, and then another bus because the subway was shut down for construction. But we made it eventually to our hotel…

… which is the oldest continuously operating hotel in America. It’s also the creator of the Boston Cream Pie, and Parker House Rolls.

Which was a sign that good food was to come :)

We wandered around Boston a little bit today, registered at the conference, and laughed at the fact that you can’t walk more than 1/4 mile in this city without passing a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts locations (not that I’m complaining!)

I will admit that I have failed on the photography front (no surprise, I’m sure). I promise to take more pictures in the next few days.

DInner tonight was in the North End area, where Boston’s Italian population is centered. We had a delicious dinner at Florentine Cafe, which is apparently one of Boston’s oldest bars (opened after prohibition ended). It’s a small restaurant/bar, but great food. I was sold when I saw “Ravioli de Zucca” on the menu outside – how can you go wrong with pumpkin and butternut squash in pasta!? It was a great dish, as was the bruschetta we started with, and the vegetable lasagna that Kathy had. We were stuffed by the end.

… but not stuffed enough to walk by the crowd outside Mike’s Pastry!

Mike’s Pastry seems to be quite the Boston institution, with every type of Italian dessert imaginable – a gelato bar, espresso/coffee menu, cannoli of every type and flavor, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, even red velvet cake whoopie pies, and the Lobstertail Cream that has us both intrigued :)

But in the end, we came back to the hotel with a box of cannoli – chocolate mousse for Kathy and traditional ricotta filling for me. I made it through half of the decadent dessert before collapsing on the bed. Kathy, who championed through hers (only because it was a mousse filling, we both are convinced) is now in the hotel’s fitness center. I didn’t even pack my Asics, so I feel no guilt.

Tomorrow is a FULL day at FNCE (like, a 15 hour full day!) so I’m going to get an early night. I’m thankful for the extra hour of sleep daylight savings is giving us, but may need to stop by a Dunkin Donuts tomorrow morning!


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