Happy Halloween!

No, I did not dress up for Halloween. I’m already in my flannel, cupcake-print pajamas. But I just returned from a great Halloween weekend!

This weekend was #2 of 3 rounds of back-to-back weekend travel for me. I was in Nashville, meeting up / reuniting with some of dietetic internship friends. We had so much fun catching up and remembering fun stories from our year in Nashville.

I also discovered giant thrift stores that I never knew Nashville had, and have re-stocked my wardrobe and coffee cup shelf (I know, someone please stop me!).

Visited Franklin, TN, for their annual Pumpkinfest, along with a million other people. Way too crowded.

Went to see the popular “Waiting for Superman” education reform documentary. Very eye-opening, I highly recommend it to everyone!

Ate both Nashville dinners at our favorite place: Kalamata’s. Falafel pocket, it had been way too long!

No photos taken (tsk tsk), but a great time shared by all!

Now, I have this week to get work done, grad school application close to finished, and ready for my trip to Boston for ADA’s annual Food and Nutrition Conference/Expo, known affectionately by us RDs as FNCE. I can’t wait!!


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