Back on campus

Had a lovely 2 day trip to Chapel Hill for yesterday’s MPH Open House in the Nutrition Department. Met some really diverse people interested in the program:  very few people with nutrition backgrounds (I was actually the only RD in the room.. beside one girl’s visiting mom!), which really helps bring a wealth of new thought to the program.

While I didn’t love the 700 miles I drove in the past 24 hours, I did enjoy:

  • beautiful fall colors driving through the mountains
  • lots of garage sales and thrifting! (pictures to come)
  • being reunited with Trader Joes & Whole Foods, and introduced to Carrboro’s Weaver Street Market
  • breakfast with new friends
  • shopping at all my favorite stores
  • being close to all my favorite stores
  • walking on a college campus again

UNC’s School of Public Health is housed in a newly-expanded building, right across the street from the dental school and the UNC Hospitals. I love being near an academic medical center! Always so much going on, and things to learn (and doctors who actually trust your judgment). There was even a gaggle of golf carts that drove you around, from your parked car, to the part of the medical center you needed to get to. Except I confused the guy when I said “School of Public Health, please”… I guess he just knows the hospitals, and not what’s right across the street. hehe


After the long drive this afternoon, I drove straight to our beloved boarding kennel to pick up Mr Sheff. Guess who has no voice? Yup, he’s completely hoarse. Obviously spent the past 57 hours barking non-stop. I guess he did better with a border collie to keep him in control.

<And speaking of Harmo, for those of you interested, I received word from her new fur mom that she is doing very well. She’s slowly getting used to the cats, gets a 2 mile walk everyday, and has a new cushy bed that she sleeps on soundly. I think she’s a lucky girl up in Ithaca!>

Bringing Sheff home, he acted like a puppy again – racing around the house at full speed, knocking into things, throwing his toys around. What a funny boy. After our my dinner of roasted sweet potatoes and baked beans, he’s sleeping like a rock by the TV. I’m not sure he even had time to sleep at the kennel with all his barking. He must need his beauty sleep now :)

Meanwhile, I’m snuggled up on the couch in my new fleece blanket I purchased yesterday at TJMaxx.. Time to catch up on my newspapers, college football, and DVR’d shows. Good night!


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