A new cover

One of the difficulties perks of having such furry dogs is having a furry car. I swear, if I roll down my car windows to enjoy the fall weather, my car turns into a snow globe on wheels – except that it’s dog hair flying around instead of snow .

My christmas 2009 wish list included “car seat cover”, and Santa listened. For the past year, I’ve used this nice waterproof seat cover that clips around the headrests and protects Matrix’s precious interior. It’s worked fairly well…. but now has ripped and RIP’ed.

So.. plan B.

How about those vintage sheets I’ve been buying lately? You know, for my sewing/quilting projects that some day I’m going to get around to.

Well… I checked my inventory and found a twin fitted sheet in a psychedelic floral pattern. I had no plans to sew with a fitted sheet, but thought it would work well as a car seat cover.

And voila!


Looks pretty awesome, right? Harmo must’ve liked it – she jumped right in when I opened the door to take a photo.

Speaking of Harmo, look who’s growing more fur to contribute to the snow globe.

DSCN0899 DSCN0901

What a cutie :)


The weekend is upon us – and I have a few fun plans of my own:

  • Half-priced massage tomorrow at a nearby resort & spa (thanks, Groupon!)
  • Garage sales and thrift stores, and perhaps a barn full of antiques if I’m lucky
  • Cheering on the dawgs against the vols!
  • Attending the Foothills’ Fall Festival

One Response

  1. A VOL gives you free rent. You should be supporting the Vols! I, too, have learned that sticky lip gloss, if kept in the car, will quickly grow fur. Now that I’m looking at new(er) cars, I’m trying to find an interior that matches the color of my dogs’ fur. Black or a tri-color interior works for me.

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