Energizer Tomatoes

Will these tomato plants ever quit? Apparently not. It’s now October, and my plants are still producing tomatoes like a little factory. They don’t grow quite as big anymore, and tend to be holey if I let them vine ripen, so I’ve been picking them green and bringing them in the kitchen to ripen.


I know have 35 green tomatoes (and a few ripe ones!) on the counter. My goodness. Every few days I bring in a bunch to work and put a smile on my coworkers faces :)

I picked a handful today in preparation of tonight’s frost warning. I cannot believe it. Just 11 days ago, we were setting record high temps, and now I’m sitting here in my fleece jacket and slippers (and some other clothes too…) hearing that we might get a frost tonight!? Crazy. Please do not let this be indicative of the winter to come. I might have to move away….

Well, actually, I might be moving away next year anyway. Yup – I finally committed to applying to grad school and spent some time this morning getting my GRE score sent to my potential grad school (for the mere cost of $23! boo) and trying to request undergrad transcripts. How exciting! I could settle back into some studying I think. My cross stitch projects would probably have to go away. And no more homegrown vegetables :(

But what about homegrown yeast? Yes, my latest exciting endeavor (other than grad school applications, of course) is to bake bread using a natural starter. (this means using the yeast naturally present in my house/food, rather than from a little grocery-store-industrially-mass-produced packet). I heard about it on NPR’s Splendid Table this weekend, and have been reading up on it. It’s quite the science. I still have more reading/research to do, but hopefully I can start feeding my starter this weekend! Any ideas on names? Apparently every home baker names their starter. They sort of become a pet, since you have to feed them on a daily basis. Maybe Roger. Or Henri. I don’t know.

That’s all for now. I have to go remove handfuls of sheep innards from Harmo’s mouth.


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