Saturday’s Debates

Hope you’ve all had a great Saturday. Mine has been pretty good. Stopped at a few garage sales this morning, kept my spending to less than $1 – bought a vintage cross-stitch kit, and a mug to complete my collection (I had 3 of these, so now I have 4). Today is also the first Saturday I’ve ever gone to work, and it was such a different environment! I enjoyed it, actually.

I thought I’d share some debates I’ve had with myself today. You know, when the two voices in your head can’t agree on what to do.

Number 1: When mowing the grass today, I mowed the front half, and thought “This looks good enough, right? You don’t see the back half. I can just stop here” but then debated the other side “Just go ahead and finish it all. May as well since you’ve started. Less for you to do next time”. And so I did. I mowed it all.

Number 2: Sheff is now receiving 5 pills a day, and cleverly spat out his antibiotic capsule after dinner. I realized that my peanut butter cookie method isn’t working, because then he chews the capsule, tastes the powder (not a good taste) and spits the whole thing out. Debate: “do I give him another antibiotic pill since he spat that one out? Or should we wait until the morning for the next one? Can I still find a way to hide it in food (my preferred method) or do I have to shove it down his throat with my hand (not preferred)?”. Decision: wait until the morning to brave the inside of his mouth with my hand.

Number 3: Like usual, my saturday was planned in advance with a To-Do list. On it, “gym”. But did I really want to go to the gym. Debate: “You may as well stop by on your way home from work and get a workout in”. But… “But you just showered and dried your hair this morning, then you’ll just have to take another shower. Plus, the lawn mowing counts as a workout”. Decision: use the lawn mower in place of the treadmill :)

Number 4: After the garage sales, I stopped by Panera for a late breakfast sandwich on my way to work. I brought my water bottle from home so I wouldn’t need to spend money on a coffee. Debate: “You don’t need to drink coffee every morning. Even if Panera does have good coffee.. and it’s bottomless.” But then, the friendly Panera server reminded me that I had an offer from my MyPanera card giving me $1 off any beverage, so would I like a coffee with my sandwich? Decision: Yes, I would like a coffee from Panera. The water bottle can just wait its turn.

Number 5: Reading the movie reviews in this weekend’s paper, I was intrigued with the new Australian musical “Bran Nue Dae”. When compared to Glee, it has to get my attention, right? Debate: “Should I go to the movie by myself tomorrow? The Boy hates musicals, so there’s no use in waiting to see it with him. You should go tomorrow, it will be fun. Your first movie by yourself. But is that pathetic? No, it’s good, adventurous!” Decision: Yes, I will go see the movie alone. I already booked the ticket with Fandango (thanks for the gift card, Jenna!) to prevent me from backing out :)


OK, so now please tell me that you all have inner debates as well, right? Don’t make me sound neurotic….


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