Thursday’s Thanks

It’s always a good project to make a list of the things you’re thankful for. Here’s my list for today:

  1. Sheff is feeling great (even though his skin issues are still looking horrible) and managed to wear his E-collar all day without problems
  2. Work was simple, with no difficult patients
  3. I found an estate sale today – but no pyrex. I did score a blue Ball canning jar though :)
  4. Phone calls with friends and boyfriends
  5. Easy dinners of leftovers!
  6. I cooked some eggs in my egg-cooker (thanks Nonna!) without them exploding. 
  7. Big Bang Theory and The Office return tonight!
  8. Fall is here

It’s been a pretty good day. Hard to believe tomorrow is already Friday, but I’m looking forward to getting Sheff to our next vet and hopefully some answers and medications.

After my easy calzone dinner, I’m about to get ready for a night of TV and cross-stitch :)


One Response

  1. “boyfriends”? plural?

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