Fall is almost here!

In just 2 hours and 20 minutes, summer will be over.

Of course, it was still 90 degrees today. Didn’t feel like fall!

So far, my 2010 Fall Checklist looks something like this:

  1. Carve a pumpkin
  2. Make my way through a corn maze
  3. Have fun with a campfire and s’mores
  4. Go for a hike in the Smokies
  5. Continue my homemade/sewing adventures!
  6. Enjoy my home grown sweet potatoes with new recipes
  7. Wear scarves, vests, sweaters and hats

Fall is definitely my favorite season. What’s on your fall checklist??


We’ve had a bit of a rough week with Sheff. Monday afternoon at the vet we heard the words cancer and lymphoma and autoimmune disease and lost it. He’s had more issues with licking/fur loss of his paws – and is losing fur in other areas around his eyes and nose/muzzle/mouth. The vet is definitely worried about what’s going on, especially after finding his lymph nodes enlarged during a physical exam. So, we’re off to a specialist Friday to have tests run. Fingers crossed we can get him back to good health!

He’s been a brave boy though, and sported his E-collar today without too much of a fuss.  Harmony, meanwhile, discovered a lizard in our patio furniture and went in to find him. (you can see Sheff in his bright yellow collar hiding in the corner)DSCN0886

Two more days in this work week and then time for the first fall weekend. Maybe there is pyrex in the forecast?? :)


One Response

  1. Poor Sheff! Hopefully the doctor’s appointment tomorrow goes well. He looks so pitiful in that Elizabethan collar…

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