Sunday’s News

The Sunday newspaper with coupons/ads is one of my day’s highlights. I stretch out the process:

  1. Separate the paper, removing the sections that I don’t/won’t read (sports, jobs, housing, funnies) and putting with recycles
  2. Go through coupons, cutting out those that I’m likely to use
  3. Go through ads, noting any good deals/sales
  4. Read the newspaper

It’s been a slow day here at home. Kinda missing my mom as well as any type social life. Oh well. My grandmother called and we discussed our long, lonely days together. At least I have Sheff and Harmo – what would I do without them!?


Harmony has become quite comfortable on the furniture lately. Especially in the evening. As long as she stays clear of my sewing needles, I’m fine with it :)

DSCN0880“what? Never seen a 50 pound dog curl up on an armchair?”

In other news today:

  • Stopped by the local flea market in search of pyrex. Nada :(
  • Went to Ross and left with some organic, soy body lotion for cheap. I thought the “unscented” would be good for my sensitive skin, but after applying it following my shower, I stink! Note to self: unscented soy lotion is gross.
  • I struck gold today up in the garden while digging up more sweet potatoes (my mom and I harvested 4 lbs Labor Day weekend). I pulled up most of the vines, and dug around in the dirt, to find 23 lbs more! Not done completely, but I stopped for today after a close incident with a Black Widow spider.
  • DSCN0881

  • The garden continues to chug along – I have a few late bloomer zucchinis front the raised bed garden in the backyard, as well as a dozen small tomatoes I picked today. Yum yum yum.
  • I must report that Banana Nutella bread is really as delicious as it sounds. With a few overripe gross-looking bananas on my counter, I knew I needed to do something. I used the recipe here, and have slowly been working my way through the loaf. Too bad my sister isn’t here to share it with me!

I’ll leave you with a nice picture. Nothing says love like roses and a pyrex beaker!



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  1. I love the Sunday paper too. So glad you enjoyed the bread.

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