Solo friday

Had a bit of a pity party this afternoon after work. Such a lonely friday. No more visiting mom, no weekend guest or travel plans. Even The Boy had more social plans for his friday night than I did!

I’ve managed to stay occupied though. Sheff is having some horrible allergy issues with 3 of his 4 paws (somehow the front left escaped unharmed), and he’s licking them so much that the fur is coming out :( So we had a little foot bath and he may be wearing his toddler socks some more. Harmo, meanwhile, is in perfect health and sleeping on the couch with her head on a pink pillow, as we speak. Spoiled!

I’ve also been working on a bucket list, of sorts, for the upcoming fall season. Realizing that summer ends next week is exciting, but the realizing that winter is creeping closer makes me anxious. So, to make the most of everyone’s favorite season, I’m hoping to create a checklist that prevent me from wasting it. I’ll post later when I get it finalized.

And so, I will spend the remainder of the evening with Chefography: Nigella Lawson, a DiGiorno’s pizza, and my latest book. The bonus of a friday evening by yourself? Being able to eat spinach, mushroom, and garlic pizza without feeling self-conscious :)



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