3 day weekend of picking

Felt a bit like American Pickers this weekend!

Saturday started off nice and early with 5 hours of garage/estate sale-ing and flea marketing around the area. Ended up driving 100 miles and filling my car to the top with treasures!

Treasures include:

  • $1 canvas purse shoulder bag  (I had an identical one in high school that Jenna has now adopted in Austin, and it’s perfect for hiking or garage sale-ing)
  • A box of 10 Corelle cups in the Spring Blossom pattern. I definitely don’t need 10, but they’re a heavier weight than most Corelle cups, which I like, so I figured I could sell some and keep the rest (and they were at a bargain price)


  • My very own Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner, found at an estate sale for the bargain of $15! These are old school vacuums that use a water filtration system, and are the best vacuum I’ve ever used! With dogs in the house, this is your friend on the fight against fur. They retail for more than $1000, so we were stoked to find this guy for $15.
  • Pink Pyrex!! So hard to find these pieces at a reasonable price – I bought the brownie pan and larger casserole at an estate sale. I already had the mini casserole dish from the local fire chief, so now it has friends.


  • 2 sock monkey ornaments! We’ve named them Paul and Bruce, and they were hanging in Matrix, but that looked a little freaky, so they’re in the kitchen until I find their next home. I love sock monkeys, and one day aspire to create my own.
  • DSCN0834

DSCN0829      driving home… they were very happy to be adopted together :)

  • More vintage sheets. And mugs.

Big garden news…. yesterday I was weeding around the sweet potato vines, and found some mounds/nests/communities of sweet potatoes, growing right under the surface. Unable to contain my excitement and let them grow longer, I pulled some out to join the world. Aren’t they lovely! I do owe a shout-out to my local deer – thank you guys for not eating all my sweet potato leaves, and allowing me to grow these lovely and nutritious tubers!!

So far, 4 pounds of sweet taters, but I’ve left many more to grow and nutri-cize for another month. And yes, Pyrex is indeed perfect for displaying sweet potatoes:


Today, labor day, was a fairly productive day. I dug through some vintage fabric/sheets and made this little tote bag. Could be for taking my lunch to work, or carting some books around to the library, or maybe Miss Harmony’s purse :)

DSCN0830 I thought the print was adorable with red toadstools and blue flowers.


I plan to whip up some more in different sizes – can’t you always use a tote bag!?


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