Quick exciting news to get out of the way:

  • The US Open started today – so my TV will be tuned to ESPN2 for the next 2 weeks :)
  • Sheldon, aka Jim Parsons, won an Emmy last night for best Actor in a Comedy Series. I was so overjoyed when he won. It was a similar to feeling as when Roger wins a grand slam (see above). Makes my heart happy :)

OK, so hoping everyone is having a great Monday and a lovely start to the week! I’ve been busy working on school menu analysis for future Go, Slow, Whoa schools. Seeing this news article was inspiring, but comparing the school children of Portland, Oregon, to those of East Tennessee is probably an unwise decision. :(

My weekend was lovely – spent Friday night with my mom going to thrift/vintage stores, eating crepes for dinner, seeing Eat Pray Love, and ending the night with Rita’s frozen custard. Doesn’t get much better, does it?

Saturday and Sunday were in Nashville with The Boy. Went to the Tennessee Flea Market – held the last weekend of the month at the state fairgrounds. How on earth did I not know about this event when I lived there???? The place was packed with people and full of stuff. We headed straight for the area with real junk treasures, as opposed to the tables of cheap socks, shampoo and office supplies. Come one people.. who wants to go to a flea market to buy new stuff you bought in bulk??

Anyway.. I was able to find some pyrex. And I must admit, I was surprised to see that The Boy had developed quite the eye for spotting pyrex out of a crowd (or maybe he was just trying to speed up the process so we could leave, haha).

I came home with my first piece of Friendship:


love this pattern!

As well as this orange divided dish that the guy sold cheap, but it unfortunately didn’t have its beautiful sunflower/daisy lid :(


And… here’s the new set up in the laundry room! The colors work quite nicely, don’t you think?



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