Thursday’s thoughts

Some news from my day:

  • After clearing the squash and zucchini from the garden yesterday, I went out and bought replacement plants: broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts for the fall! Mm mm mm
  • I’m having fun buying and selling from Craigslist. The experience is almost better than yard sales – you can buy/trade right from your couch, and don’t run the risk of driving many miles to a worthless sale. But I’m not giving up on garage sales just yet :)
  • Here is a fascinating article from Fortune Magazine about the business side of Trader Joes. I never thought about the companies/brands that make their products. Turns out it’s many of the same brands you’d get at other stores, but often cheaper at TJ’s!
  • Because 5 animals just isn’t enough – we now have a pet frog, Thurmond, who comes out at night and sits on our back porch. The dogs are quite mystified by him, but luckily have not tried to eat him yet.
  • And speaking of eating, dinner tonight was a marvelous pumpkin risotto, recipe courtesy of my anthropology-studying sister. After munching on leftover cornbread all afternoon, I settled for a small serving of dinner. What better dish to eat from than my pink 8oz pyrex casserole? Plus, it matched my shirt :)
  • DSCN0775

    For those of you with a careful eye: yes, that is a cupcake necklace (a must-have for dietitians), and yes, the pyrex display has been re-designed. This is what happens when your collection grows faster than squash vine (haha). 
    Take a look and see for yourself:

So it’s a little more color coordinated now. Wondering where all the browns/oranges/yellows are?? Well.. stay tuned for tomorrow. I need better light to take pictures of that area. But trust me, pyrex has spread into multiple rooms of the house. My goal is for eventual and complete pyrex domination :)


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