The end is here

Today after work I pulled out the squash and zucchini plants. Definitely makes the end of summer seem closer.

My squash and zucchini did great over the past two months. The final numbers from the harvest spreadsheet show that I had 50 yellow squash and 36 zucchini.


The first squash!

I have baked numerous batches of zucchini bread and zucchini muffins. Several recipes of squash casseroles were featured throughout the summer, as was grilled squash, squash pizza, roasted squash, and stir-fried squash.

DSCN0602 The always-full basket of squash


Squash casserole, like everything, looks better in Pyrex

I remember the days in July when I would have to check the garden everyday, or find myself with a zucchini the size of a baseball bat. Then it slowed to a crawl in August.

zucchini 001 The many sizes of zucchini

And so… the fridge drawer still holds the last few of each.. maybe one more batch of muffins?



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