Eating for the Earth

Today’s reading material at the gym was the current issue of Whole Living, a magazine that borders on too-hippie-dippie for me, but I appreciate their interest in all things environmental.

One particular article/list that caught my eye: “50 Ways to Eat Sustainably”. Since this (the earth) is the reason for my meat-free diet, I wanted to see what else is on their list. I’m going to give you all fifty ways. So bear with me :)

  1. Use the whole vegetable
  2. Forgo bagged/boxed salad mixes to limit packaging
  3. Be a Farmer’s Market regular
  4. Buy heirlooms
  5. Buy in bulk when produce is on season
  6. Ask farmers (at the market) for recipe suggestions
  7. Try to use only what’s at the market for your meals that week
  8. If you can’t buy local, buy organic
  9. Buy local eggs (I try but can’t find them!!)
  10. Store root vegetables in your basement
  11. Join a CSA
  12. Be package conscious
  13. Check your milk brand at (not all brands are what they claim to be)
  14. Use unprocessed grains
  15. Soak beans and grains overnight – cuts the cooking time and energy usage to half
  16. Read labels!
  17. Freeze fresh berries on a cookie sheet to use year-round
  18. Mix seltzer with fresh fruit syrup to make your own soft drinks
  19. Buy local bread
  20. Make your own breadcrumbs
  21. Check your PLU codes on produce (organic items always start with 9)
  22. Become friends with your local growers/fisherman
  23. Cut out processed corn ingredients (corn oil, cornstarch, HFCS)…
  24. and eat more fresh corn!
  25. Wash produce with minimal water (soak and dry rather than running water continuously)
  26. Save cooking water and reuse (in your garden, for example)
  27. Eat safer seafood, which includes:
  28. Most any fish from Alaska
  29. Anything in a shell (think mussels, oysters, clams)
  30. Wild American Shrimp
  31. Local varieties of seafood
  32. Make your own stock
  33. Buy (and use!) whole chickens
  34. Fill up the oven (may as well cook more than one thing if you’re going to heat it up!)
  35. Pick healthier pots and pans – avoid carcinogenic chemicals in traditional non-stick coatings
  36. Have a green BBQ, using carbon-neutral briquettes made of wood
  37. Buy antibiotic- and hormone-free meat
  38. Choose domestic meat
  39. Eating seasonally isn’t just for produce… choose seasonal meat as well
  40. Choose honey instead of table sugar (a more renewable source)
  41. Plant more than flowers (be a gardener and farmer!)
  42. Compost your waste/scraps
  43. Limit yourself to two kitchen appliances and use them
  44. Drink better coffee – look for “fair-trade certified” and “sustainable”
  45. Switch to organic olive oil
  46. Make your own vinaigrette
  47. Use natural wax paper
  48. Use glass containers (go pyrex!!) instead of plastic for your leftovers
  49. Store items in glass bottles and jars
  50. Wrap baked goods with cloth instead of plastic wrap

So there you have it. I don’t necessarily agree with all 50 of them, due to practicality, cost, or plain ole’ logic, but this is from Martha Stewart and her team. I put the ones that I follow in bold, which actually isn’t that many… I should pick a couple to work on.


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