A Weekend in the Queen City


Check out what I scored from Saturday’s garage sales in Charlotte, NC!

Kathy and I had a lot of fun, driving all over Charlotte and scoring some great finds. For me, this included:

  • some dirt cheap corning ware (75 cents!) from an estate sale
  • “Passionate Vegetarian” cookbook, by Crescent Dragonwagon. Sure to have some great meal ideas for $1 (and they threw in a pack of cupcake liners for free)
  • an adorable Fire King Primrose custard cup (25 cents!)
  • a stuffed hedgehog squeaky toy for the dogs (not pictured… currently buried under the tomato plants courtesy of Miss Harmony)
  • and of course… pyrex!! I had arranged a meeting with an ex-collector in Charlotte who is selling her entire collection (gasp!) to move into a smaller house. I bought this Butterprint mixing bowl from her, and then my eyes fell on the 1 gallon casserole dish in Butterfly Gold. Never seen anything like it! It’s absolutely huge and I knew I had to have it. Not sure how often I’ll cook a gallon of anything at a time, but Thanksgiving is only a few months away, right??

Kathy scored the deal of the century when she found a stack of 6 assorted cast iron pans for only $5!! She also picked up some small pyrex 401 mixing bowls… I think I’ve converted her :)


Speaking of Pyrex… I just about had an arrhythmia when I came across this booth at an antique mall in Concord. Of course the prices were astronomical, but it sure was fun to see it all in one place. I can only aspire to have a collection so large (joking… seriously.. joking) 


Miss Harmony went to adoption day while I was out of town and was quite the head turner. (Except for the fact that the others were already trained with tricks, and we still can’t even get her to sit!!)


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