Shiny, not dull

Life is never dull with five dogs in the house :)


In fact, things get quite crazy. My mother compares walking through the house now to “walking through a school of fish”. No matter where you turn, there is at least one canine staring at you. And usually, Sheff lays across doorways, acting as a canine-gate so as to block entrance for other humans/dogs. Poor Harmony is too scared to step over him.


Harmony has now been nicknamed “Chunk-a-Munk” and is doing very well. Her fur has grown in a little (maybe?) and we can almost see the hint of some ribs, so she must be dropping a few pounds ounces. Not sure how a neglected stray got to be such a chunk, maybe there are good bakeries in Cleveland, TN, that leave their trash out every night??

We’re letting her sleep loose now (rather than in the crate) and she hasn’t destroyed anything. Only a few accidents in the house, which you have to expect with fosters, so we’re pleased with her.


Bipolar Little Miss Bess has decreased her psychotic behaviors lately, and is adjusting to Chunk’s presence a little better each day. Her new owner is still healing from his knee replacement surgery, so we will likely be babysitting Bess until Labor Day.



Annie Nanners continues to excel in her role is activities coordinator here at Del Boca Vista. She runs the others ragged, and has a great time doing it. She also loves to sit at the fence line and watch the family of deer in the field behind us, as if it’s a movie.


Neuman and Sheff are preparing for their 11th and 10th birthday party, coming up at the end of this month. Being the tribe’s elder, Neuman spends 90% of the day sleeping, but also enjoys being taken up to the garden on a leash, while the other dogs run freely (can’t trust that beagle nose!!).

Sheff has a giant knuckle bone that he guards with his life, and moves to various strategic locations every few hours, to keep the others guessing. They can smell it on him when he returns from his adventures.

And so.. that is the update of our dog adventures. Never a dull moment :)


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  1. Love your blog, and love thinking about living out in East TN with those beautiful dogs. Adding you to my favorites! ~JC

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