Hello from Murfreesboro!

I am spending the day in Murfreesboro (middle Tennessee) to promote Registered Dietitians at the annual Tennessee Coordinated School Health Institute. I was lucky enough to stay at the new Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center (nice!). Too bad I didn’t think to bring workout clothes and take advantage of the fitness center – there is an abundance of free time while the conference attendees are in their sessions and not out mingling with the exhibitors. The shopping center next door sure is tempting… haha

The Boy came over last night, since Murfreesboro is just a short jump from Nashville, and helped me set up my display (which is taller than me!). It certainly required the assistance and know-how of an engineer, I had no idea what to do with all the pieces!! Afterwards, we had dinner out and cruised the streets of Murfreesboro. Nothing too exciting – although I did find a Culver’s and was therefore able to introduce The Boy to the magical wonders of frozen custard. Deelicious!! Also… while driving back to the hotel, I saw the words thrift store out of the corner of my eyes, commanded The Boy to immediately swerve into the nearest parking lot and turn around. I wasn’t able to find any pyrex pieces (sob), but did find 2 Corelle saucers in Butterfly Gold that match the open handle cups I picked up a couple weekends ago. Not a bad use of 50 cents :)

This past weekend was lots of fun (sorry for no post!) – The Boy came and visited for the first time since April!! Crazy to believe that Labor Day is just around the corner. We spent the weekend doing all sorts of fun things, including:

  • Tubing in Townsend – 2nd time is apparently not the charm, seeing how I flipped over during one of the “rapids”, lost my tube, and watched The Boy fall many a time as he walked through the rapids after donating his tube to me. But we all had fun.
  • Movie Pseudo-Double Date – a fail here… the other couple arrived just as the movie sold out, so each couple went to a separate movie, and only got to talk for 5 minutes after the movie before departing… nice try though. Our late-night dinner afterwards at Brixx Pizza ended up a blessing in disguise when we discovered pizzas are “buy one get one free” after 10pm
  • Antique Mall Shopping – where I picked up 3 blue Ball Perfect Mason jars to make my own awesome-looking soap dispensers. Pictures to follow.
  • Dog Play Time – we are having so much fun getting to know Harmony and her ways. We almost want to rename her “Houdini” seeing as how this 50 pound dog is able to mysteriously disappear from fenced-in back yards and wire dog crates. However, she has absolutely no instinct nor interest in fetching tennis balls. Still working out how truly BC she is :)

And fun things in the works for my near future: traveling this weekend to Charlotte, NC, to visit my dear friend (and fellow RD/sidekick) Kathy for a Jack Johnson concert and lots of garage sales! I already have one pyrex meetup planned, hehe.


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