Foster #2 – Harmony


Meet Harmony. My mom picked her up today while I was at work. She was a stray at the shelter in Cleveland TN, a beautiful border collie suffering from chronic neglect. Her coat was completely matted into dreadlocks, with fleas, ticks and lice.

After a weekend at the vet spa, where she was shaved, bathed, spayed, vaccinated and heartworm tested (negative!), she was ready to come to her new foster home.


She’s a bit of a chunky monkey. Much bigger boned than Little Miss Bess, who is definitely a petite BC. Harmony has huge paws and legs, so even if we can trim a few pounds off her, she’ll always be a big girl. Without the usual BC heavy coat of fur (which probably feels great in this heat!), she has a skinny little whip-like tail, which has whacked all our dogs on the heads at least once thus far. Her ears look like little pom poms of fur on her shaven self. Adorable :)


Not sure much of her history, the vet is guessing her age at 6, but I think it’s less. She’s very mellow thus far, and I think she’ll get along just fine. She isn’t up on the website just yet, but I’ll let you know when she is.


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