So glad it’s Friday! The week has flown by since returning from Texas. Lots accomplished!

  • Met up with the county fire chief (another avid Pyrex collector!) who sold me 6 more pieces from his fire truck :) Just finished finding places for everything, and yet I’m still on the hunt for more…

DSCN0698my first pink piece! it’s an adorable little covered casserole 

  • Spent a morning at the East Tennessee School Nutrition Conference, and met a RD who works with General Mills at their Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, learning about their new whole grain products made for school breakfasts. As much as I wish we could move away from the mass processed/packaged foods, I suppose at least making them whole grain is a step in the right direction?

image Jamie Oliver would have a MI if he saw these products

  • Picked up a large quantity of Purina Pro Plan Selects dog food, graciously donated to our rescue group by Purina. Good quality stuff, and I’m so glad I could pick up some adult and senior dog food. Since Bess is leaving in a few weeks, I’ll send her off with some senior food. I’ve also been playing the dog food fairy, handing out bags to my coworkers who have dogs and could use the help :)
  • Speaking of dogs….. as if 4 in a house is not enough!

(4 dogs = my 2 + my mom’s 2) 


This is Miss Harmony, a lovely Border Collie who we’ve just pulled from a shelter in Cleveland, TN, and will soon be joining us here for some foster love until she’s adopted (I hear there’s already interest in her!) A very sad case of neglect – apparently her coat is such a tangled, matted mess, they’re going to completely shave her this weekend. Probably will feel better in this heat!

  • In other awesome news, The Boy successfully defended his thesis yesterday and is this (—) close to getting that Masters Degree! (and I am this close to seeing him again!)
  • The weekend holds plenty of garage sales, vegetable cooking, and dog playing. See you later!

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