My Growing Pyrex Collection

Took a little trip back home to Texas for a few days and returned late last night. Another 16 hour drive in the car, this time bringing back my Mom, Neuman the wonder beagle, Annie Nanners the mini lab, and some new pyrex for my collection!

Since I’m just so excited about the pyrex, I have to show it off. Hope you don’t mind. We spent many hours scouring Antique Malls throughout north Houston, and I found some lovely items. (One Antique Mall was 85,000 square feet, with over 200 booths, and even had a restaurant in the middle! Miss Faye’s Country Cooking was delicious and we split a piece of divine carrot cake from Miss Faye herself. She is an excellent cook!) AND… on our drive back, I stopped in Carthage TX to meet a stranger who handed me a box full of pyrex. Cool, right? :)

DSCN0682 So here was my collection before I left town. 3 bowls in the “Autumn Harvest” pattern. It’s hilarious how quickly I became obsessed interested in collecting pyrex, and have pretty much memorized all the pattern names (check out the website Pyrex Love for everything you could ever need/want to know!!). My mother was impressed at my recall as we saw pieces in the antique stores. What can I say, I’m a pyrex prodigy :)

OK.. so back to my haul. I found the larger mixing bowl in the autumn harvest pattern, giving me a nice nesting set:


Next to the mixing bowls are a set of lidded casserole dishes in the “Butterprint” pattern, which is basically a farm/amish scene printed in turquoise and white. I mostly like the colors, but the pattern is adorable too:


Next up… some oval casserole dishes that were found without lids at various antique malls. Luckily, I have already seen plenty of orphaned lids for sale, so if I feel the need to lid these guys, it won’t be an issue.

DSCN0691The dish on the left is “Snowflake Blue” and the right is the “Bluebird” pattern. Yes, my favorite color is blue :)

These two mixing bowls were from my mom. She already had the “Butterfly Gold”bowl on the right, and found the small “Homestead” bowl at a local thrift store for $1. Thanks, Mom, for the donation to my growing pyrex collection!


But wait! There’s more!! hehe :)


My box of goodies from Carthage also included 5 pyrex refrigerator dishes – what our grandmothers stored leftovers in before the invention of plastic tupperware containers. Now, with all the distrust of plastic containers, particularly over BPA and its friends leaking into our food, these dishes are making a comeback :)

All together now!


Isn’t my collection beautiful? I love all the colors. Now I just need to find a nice area to display them all.

Oh, and since you can see them peeking into the above photo, here’s my replenished tomato stand. I believe there were a dozen ready to pick when we returned late last night! They really are delicious – I sliced one and had a toasted sandwich with cheddar and basil from the garden. My mom couldn’t believe how flavorful they are. Maybe I am a farmer after all :)



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  1. are the pyrex small red refrigerator dishes available? condition? thanks.

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