1 year Farm-versary

And look – another anniversary up on the blog today!

This time, today marks my one-year move from Nashville to Del Boca Vista, my mother’s 40 acre farm outside the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.

I never intended this to be any type of permanent move nor long-term living situation. In my mind, I viewed the move as a temporary hide-out if you will, until I could land a job back in Nashville and find a place to live. In fact, I had given myself the deadline of Labor Day to come up with a plan.

Of course, for those of you who have followed along with my adventures, you will recollect that I never did find that Nashville job, but instead took a job here at a psychiatric hospital, and have stayed at Del Boca Vista ever since.

I may not have done many “real” country-type activities – I try to maintain as much of an urban-like existence on the farm as possible and just enjoy the mountain view. haha. 


I spent much of the winter (which was the coldest in decades!) indoors, much too frightened of the 3 inches of snow that accumulated around me.

But then spring came and, with the help of my mother, we planted and prepared a lovely vegetable garden, which so far has brought me over 70 tomatoes and numerous zucchini, squash, and inbred gourds (don’t ask).


Now, all the “city girl in the country” moments I’ve had are far too numerous to count, and I know I’ve entertained my family, friends and coworkers. I’ve learned many a  thing, including:

  • How to drive a riding lawn mower (although it still scares me and I rarely choose to use it)
  • How to trap, kill and dispose of mice
  • How to replace vacuum cleaner belts
  • How to drive on slushy ice/snow (sort-of)
  • How to replace a gate battery
  • How to check sparkplugs on a lawn mower (and that mowers even have sparkplugs)
  • How many functioning computers it takes to crash your satellite internet service
  • How vegetables actually grow
  • The benefits/dangers of certain garden bugs including, but not limited to, hornworms and spined soldier bugs
  • The joy/frustration/humor in fostering a border collie mix
  • How to use a sprinkler
  • How to use a sewing machine
  • The joy of tubing, both on snow and water
  • How to bake my own bread from scratch
  • That homegrown tomatoes taste like a completely different vegetable from store bought varieties

As for my next year at the farm? I have nothing planned up my sleeve, so you’ll just have to stay along for the ride. With The Boy’s upcoming job search and my supposed grad school search, who knows how much longer I’ll be here and what adventures lie in my path….


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