A weekend of adventures in the sun!

Sunday evening is always a lovely time to get things organized for the week. I said goodbye to my weekend guests earlier this afternoon, after they successfully jumped out of an airplane with Skydive East Tennessee. They both had a great time and felt it was worth the time and $$. I joined them for support but still have no desire whatsoever to follow suit!


Yesterday was spent in Townsend tubing the Little River. This was preceded by quick trips to Dick’s Sporting Goods for water shoes (on sale for $10, although the tubing place also sold better quality ones for the same price!)

Tubing was a lot of fun! I will admit, we could have used a little more rain – the river was fairly slow and shallow for much of the 1.5 mile course – but there were a few rapids that were quite exhilarating! I managed to stay put in my tube with no flipping, and actually got a good amount of sun on me! When The Boy is able to visit next, we will definitely be returning (although anyone know where we can find size 15 water shoes!?).

My food choices have been less than healthy this weekend, including a delicious grilled cheese with chocolate milkshake yesterday after tubing (to replenish sun-burned calories) and a mad dash to Sonic today after sitting at the skydiving center for almost 4 hours (I haven’t had mozzarella sticks in years!). Combine that with lemon cupcakes and a frozen Reese’s Cup (recommended by my coworkers, but not highly impressive) it’s been quite the caloric splurge weekend. But hey, that’s what birthday guests deserve, right? We did have a healthy grilled dinner last night, with zucchini, squash and potatoes straight out of my garden. Balance is key :)

So now, just prepping for the next two days of work, and then it’s vacation time again! Flying back to Houston (haven’t been home since Christmas!) to see the parents for a few days, and then returning to the farm with my mom + dogs. And a stop to pick up a Pyrex purchase along the way :)


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