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One thing leads to another…

I generally do not have bad days. I’m normally a relatively stable person in good health and blessed with good days.

I guess it had to catch up with me at some point.

It started last night: while making my evening rounds through the garden, I noticed what looked like a green bean pod on my heirloom tomatoes. “What could that be?” I thought to myself.

The tomato hornworm, evil thing that turns into a massive moth and can destroy your tomato plant overnight by eating all the leaves. Those of you who know me well understand my insect-aversion. However, I couldn’t stand there and do nothing and sacrifice my heirloom tomatoes.

Now, while I’m freaking about my hornworm situation, Sheff has been eyeing and crying over my new batch of freshly baked zucchini muffins cooling on the kitchen counter. While I devise my worm-plan-of-attack, he proceeds to jump up and knock off a muffin with his nose, conveniently landing on the floor between his paws. Great, so now I have a muffin thief AND a tomato hornworm to deal with. He clearly knows he’s in trouble, putting his head down so low it might hit the ground, and walking in super slow-mo as I request he crate himself for time-out. When I close the crate door, I find him smashed up against the back wall of the crate, I suppose trying to hide.

So I went back to the garden (after identifying it with google’s help) with my gardening gloves and scissors and snipped off the branch Mr Hornworm was currently eating, landing him in a bowl of water to drown. He went quickly.

I then proceeded to have trouble sleeping, tossing and turning constantly with nightmares that there were many more of his friends still munching away and I would wake up to a Ground Zero Garden.

And then I stayed awake from 1:30-4:30am.

Thankfully I took my shower last night, so my morning routine was a little quicker and I was able to sleep in an extra 30 minutes without getting in late to work.

Not thankfully, I’ve gotten myself way in over my head with a project at work and I’m super stressed, trying to figure things out. I normally am grateful for having a relatively stress-less and flexible job. But of course, today things have to be difficult.

But.. it’s almost Friday, and The Boy is coming in town, as well as my close friend and her brother to celebrate her BIRTHDAY and we’re going tubing and lots of fun things.

Except… I get a call from The Boy (who is not known for calling during work hours) with “Bad news. Looks like I won’t be able to make it this weekend”. He’s slammed with trying to finish his thesis for next week’s defense, and conveniently got extra work today from his advisor which will likely consume his weekend. Of course.

So now I don’t get the pleasure of seeing him anytime soon, nor do I have my helper around for the weekend. The only funny part about the whole day is that my first concern was “But you have to help me grill the meat! We’re grilling out for her birthday dinner – I can’t cook meat for people!!”

Hmm.. maybe the menu needs tweaking. I can’t very well ask the birthday girl to make her own birthday dinner. I had already planned all the veggie side dishes and dessert, but was leaving the flesh course up to The Boy. Guess I better figure something out.

And let’s see. There are still 11 hours left in the day, so plenty of time for other things to go wrong. Wish me luck.

Update: It’s now 4pm and nothing else tragic has struck. Oh, except that we got some rain and it conveniently passed right over the farm so my garden is still thirsty :(

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