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Books and Bowls

I stopped by the local library’s quarterly “Friends of the Library” sale last Friday and came home with some goodies.

First up, from the diet/fitness section. Always a good area to check because there are LOTS of new books, and as a dietitian I like to keep current with what new fad books are out there. I’ve gotten a couple good reference books from this section in the past, including the infamous “Intuitive Eating” and “Dr. Shapiro’s Picture Perfect Weight Loss” (which is a really good visual aide to illustrate caloric density with patients).

The latest book?


Haha, I know. I’ve always heard of the book, and so I flipped through to see if it was crap / waste of money. But his premise actually appealed. Spending a couple minutes in the morning to do just 2 strength training moves – that’s easy enough to do! Now, I don’t necessarily believe that that alone will help you lose 2 pounds a week (the testimonials are from people who were also walking 5 miles a day and eating smaller portions) but I think it’s a good start. Strength training is certainly something that is often overlooked, by me as well!

And so, I started Day 1 today at 6am(it’s just a 28 day program). The dogs weren’t too curious of my new moves, and before I knew it I was done and into the shower. I think I might even have to buy heavier dumbbells (I currently have a 3#, 5# and 8# set.. probably should grow up and move into the double digit world.. haha)

Next up… the textbook section.

I don’t normally peruse this section at library/book sales too much because they’re out of date. As a child I definitely bought my fair share of textbooks (I know, major dork). I remember having spare French textbooks in my room. Not sure why. I hated French. Maybe it was just for when I “taught” my imaginary class.

These days I like to see if there’s any nutrition textbooks (although really.. why?! I don’t have enough??). But today this caught my eye:


I know, looks exciting, right? I’ve noticed that when we have nursing students in the building, they’re all carrying around a similar textbook and furiously taking notes about their patients of the day. I’ve often wondered what words of wisdom the textbook contains, and now for $1 I can find out :)

It’s actually a pretty helpful book. 21 chapters outlining basic mental health information, drugs, disorders, and basic patient care information. Definitely helpful for anyone who works in the field, nursing or not. And so, I began Day 1 of the 21 Day program (haha), reading a chapter a day. Seriously :)

Yes, the title of this post was Books and Bowls. So where are the bowls?



Ah, the beginning of my vintage pyrex collection. This is the Autumn Harvest pattern, released in 1982. I purchase the two smaller bowls from a garage sale last weekend, and received the larger, cinnamon bowl in the mailbox this afternoon (thank you mother for bidding on it on eBay!). Don’t they look lovely?

I may have become obsessed, memorizing all the patterns available, scouring craigslist on a multi-daily basis for bargains (and I check craiglook.com for the whole COUNTRY!). I may have just made a deal with a women in East Texas, buying a set of eight pieces, so I can pick them up at the crack of dawn as I drive back from Houston. Yes, I coordinate vintage pyrex finds into my travels :)

But aren’t they fun?


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