Lazy Day Sunday

Had a fun time at game night yesterday. Improved my cranium skills, and discovered a new game with a twist. Plus, my zucchini chocolate chip cookies were a hit!

This morning I was able to sleep in until almost 9 o’clock! (of course, that was after the dogs woke up me up at 7 for breakfast). I watered the garden, harvested another zucchini + squash + 3 tomatoes, refilled the birdfeeders, and made a yummy brunch (thin bagel with egg and provolone, with squash casserole and salsa).

And, today we’re celebrating the 50th tomato of July. Incredible, I know. I maintain my popularity at work by bringing in weekly baskets of my goodies. I also made this cupcake stand using $1.70 worth of thrift store dishes, and am currently using it as the perfect display for the tomatoes!



Nothing planned for the afternoon. Well, OK, come on, it’s me. There’s always some sort of plan!

  • I’d like to get some reading done: Sunday paper, current novel, and psychiatric nursing textbook I bought at the library sale Friday (it’s something I wish I had when I started my job!)
  • May run out to home depot and buy some bell pepper seeds. I hope it’s not too late to start them, but I have an area of nice soil (where the potatoes were) that I hate to leave empty.
  • Vacuuming again. I bathed both dogs yesterday and they’ve been shedding like crazy. I guess it’s all that dead fur that the bath loosened up and is now covering everything. hahaha!
  • Planning my week out – including preparations for my big upcoming weekend! The Boy is coming in town (for the first time since April!!), as well as one of my closest friends for her birthday. This means cupcakes need to be baked, of course.

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