Restocking my supplies

Currently watching the Tennessee gubernatorial debate. I really don’t like any of these guys; the name-calling is getting old. There’s 1 out of the 4 that absolutely drives me crazy, but none of them are appealing. Early voting starts Friday, and as important as voting is.. I feel kind of stuck.

But let’s move on to more enjoyable topics, such as homegrown veggies!


Here is the lovely Topsy Turvy with 18 happily growing tomatoes. I haven’t picked any just yet, but I have plenty over here:


My big tomato bushes had 14 bright red tomatoes ready for me today. How on earth does one girl eat 14 tomatoes? Well, I donate quite a few to my coworkers, who always enjoy my fresh produce. Tonight’s dinner used one such beauty (with another monster zucchini)

DSCN0678A lovely tomato zucchini tart that this blog inspired. I chose to use that leftover pie crust from my fridge tour, rather than making one from scratch. Turned out great!

As I mentioned before, I have another monster zucchini (or 2!) in the fridge. This weekend, I unloaded my entire stock of zucchini and squash to some friends at a breakfast outing… only to come home and find that the garden had produced two ginormous replacements. I swear, the 25 oz zucchini looks like a baseball bat!!

Back to the debate… sigh :(


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