What’s in YOUR fridge?

I always find it interesting to see what people have in their refrigerator; I believe it says something about them. Right? You can tell a lot about a person by their groceries.

In fact there are websites like fridgewatcher.com where people send in photos of their fridge contents for review with the belief that “every fridge tells a story”.

Well, being a dietitian, you better believe there is interest in what food I eat/buy. Unless I’m with fellow dietitians or my family, I always feel like there are extra eyes on what I order at restaurants, buy at the store, or cook at home. But again, to reiterate my nutrition philosophy: I am not the food police. I don’t take away foods from people or force feed anyone. I make suggestions and give advice. I believe people should eat whatever food their body wants, but should make educated, moderate and balanced food choices.

With that being said, here’s a look at my refrigerator:


Yes, it’s really full right now.

Follow along for a little tour:


The Door:

  • Eggland’s Best Eggs (although I can’t wait to try some local farmer’s market eggs!)
  • My Brita pitcher of water (which I swear I fill up multiple times daily… maybe it’s worth investing in the larger size??)
  • Organic Milk (because it’s ultra pasteurized to last longer, and I like to support organic farming practices when I can)
  • A multitude of condiments – salad dressings, coffee creamers, butter, and sauces of all types – soy and barbecue included


The Main Section: (from top, down)

  • Top shelf: Gatorade, a bag of sliced squash/zucchini for tomorrow’s stir-fry, a container of leftover pasta, and a lazy-susan that contains all my almond/peanut butters and jams/jellies/preserves
  • Next Shelf: my iced coffee, strawberries, salsa, hot sauce (deer repellant!), and random condiments I don’t eat (left by family members)
  • Next: Tofu, leftover spaghetti sauce, tupperware containers of diced pineapple and leftover hummus. In the back I can see margarine, tubes of garlic paste and tomato paste, and some thawed pie crust (although.. should that still be there? hmm… better check)
  • Bottom Shelf: Spinach, leftover pasta salad


Vegetable Drawer:

  • Honestly, right now it’s full of my squash and zucchini. I try to take a basket into work every couple weeks to get rid of the old and make room of the new
  • Underneath I think there is some vintage celery, bagged carrots, and apples


Meat Drawer:

  • Remember, I am vegetarian, so this is my “cheese drawer”
  • String cheese, extra-sharp cheddar, cream cheese, parmesan
  • Random bag of homeless clementines

And that concludes our tour! Hope you enjoyed. I’m sure I shocked you with how much food I have in this fridge for one person. But I rarely eat out, unless I’m having guests, and I like to eat leftovers :)

No tour of the freezer at this time. It is so completely jam-packed that the photos wouldn’t even show anything worthwhile.


One Response

  1. random condiments left by me could be moved to the garage fridge, where they will later explode.
    Vintage celery?? ahaha

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