Baa Ram Ewe


This is our group of Sheep friends. Aren’t they lovely? They stay well-behaved because there’s a certain cattle dog/ border collie who keeps them in line:


The sheep on the right is Easter Sheep – Sheff’s Easter Present. You might note that he has a few BKAs (below knee amputations), but he deals with his limitations quite well.

The other two sheep are new additions to the group. My trip to Goodwill (a highlight of my weekend) allowed me to provide these sheep a better life, for only 48 cents each :)

In the middle is super soft sheep. He comes with the bonus of not having any plastic eyes/nose/feet that might be at-risk for amputation by canine.

On the right is Kiwi Sheep – who came brand new with tags and a ribbon around his neck that says “New Zealand”. Sheff always wanted to go to New Zealand.

Bringing home new toys is a great plan when you have 2 dogs cooped up in a strange apartment all weekend who get bored very quickly. As soon as I present a new sheep/toy, Sheff immediately runs off with it for a lengthy inspection (sniffing) and marking (rolling all over it) session, and then takes a nap with it nearby.

The sheep are also enjoying watching Wimbledon finals with me.


You know, super soft sheep (in the middle) kinda looks like a goat with those slit eyes. But he’s much too obese to be a goat. Oh well, the dogs do not discriminate.

And latest news on the Bess Adoption front: the potential adopter is still very interested and is coming to meet Bess next week!! This news is definitely worthy of giving Miss Bess a bath and dressing her up with her flower bandana. Awesome. Keep your paws fingers crossed for her!


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