2nd half of 2010 starts now!

Who can believe it’s already July!?!

The dogs and I will be spending the 4th of July weekend in Nashville, so today’s to-do list is fairly lengthy; lots of things must be done before we can head out of town!

However, with the heat outside (even if it’s cooler than the last few weeks), all I really want to do is make a plate of spaghetti, lay on the couch, watch my latest netflix, and read the rest of my book.

Bess and I are compromising  – we started “No Impact Man” while I multitask (and blog). Then hopefully I can re-energize and take the dogs for a walk. If there’s one thing I don’t like about taking them to Nashville, it’s that I hate keeping them cooped up in The Boy’s apartment.


Oh and Bess has a big announcement she’d like to share with you all – we received an application for her adoption earlier today!! Keep your fingers crossed, but it seems like a perfect situation for Miss Bess. A 66 year old, retired man in Kentucky is interested in making Bess his new companion, after losing two border collies to old age (you can tell he’s a good dog owner by the fact that his dogs lived to the ages of 17 and 19!).

Bess is very excited. And not just about the thought of finding her forever home. She’s enjoying watching “No Impact Man” and learning about how to help the environment.

Sheff apparently could care less. He’s been sleeping out in the sun ever since I got home. Perhaps he can sense that his foster sister may be leaving soon and is suffering from depression.

Or, more likely, the benedryl from his allergies is catching up with him.

The first day of the second half of the year (!) also brings us this:



Mr. Hooter is showing you the ripening tomatoes :)


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