Busy Bee Saturday

Greetings readers!

Currently waiting for my delicious dinner to come together. I’m making Jenna’s famous lentil loaf that won the USA Dried Peas and Lentils Recipe Rivalry contest. It seems similar to some lentil muffins I made a while back from Kath’s blog. I’m all about some lentils! You can’t beat a serving of protein for less than 10 cents, can you, carnivores???

Today has been a very busy day. I had initially planned on sleeping in, but by 7am the room was full of bright sunshine and hungry dog sounds (they eat breakfast at precisely 7am) so up I was.

I spent the first few hours of my day (while the temperature was still in the 70s) gardening, spraying putrid anti-deer spray on the plants, vacuuming, cleaning, and cooking up this lovely breakfast:


Then it was TV time – hours of tennis and soccer to watch, while I started my next embroidery project. The Nadal 5 set match was excellent entertainment, the US/Ghana World Cup game… not so much. I tried to get excited about soccer, but it’s just not as fun as tennis. Sorry guys!

I attempted a trip to Hobby Lobby for more embroidery project supplies, but wasn’t able to find anything. Gas, car wash, recycles rounded out the errands.

Now I’m home, cooking the lentil loaf, as well as sweet potato fries (McCain’s frozen crinkle cut.. on super good sale at Kroger today!) and green beans from the garden. Hoping to get lots of reading done tonight, but I also need to go cut the grass while the sun is down. Adios!



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