Good Reads


I went on a $10 shopping spree after work today and came home with a new pair of work pants, a bottle of hot sauce, 2 bars of deodorant soap, and 2 new library books.

The pants are being saved for when 10 pounds disappears on me (I’ve already eliminated 4ish from buying a nice new notebook at TJ Maxx and keeping track of my daily eats).

The hot sauce and deodorant soap are part of my latest anti-deer strategy. Not sure if I mentioned it, but the deer who disappeared for the past few months have returned, only to devour every single leaf from my 9 successful sweet potato plants. Ahhh!

The library books are for me to read and stay cool inside this weekend!

I’m currently reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest: “Twenties Girl”. It’s the kind of book that you finish and worry that you’ve slowly lost brain cells (aka chick lit), but I feel like I owe it to Miss Kinsella, since I’ve read all her other books. Plus, really, sometimes those books are good for you. Kind of like a literary detox. No thinking needed, just a nice entertaining break. I will note, though, the Shopaholic series was her best writing. And no, I never saw the movie. Don’t want it to ruin the books for me.

My next batch (wait.. 2 isn’t a batch) couple of books I picked up today are for the foodies out there.


The Art of Eating in: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove, by Cathy Erway, is based on the successful blog Not Eating Out in New York. It seems like if you can write a blog about some big crazy project of yours, and get lots of readers, that a book deal is the next step. Anyway, I’m curious to read it, since eating out is one of my bigger expense categories. At least it was until I moved out to the country by myself, haha. But my weekends back in Music City with The Boy are certainly filled with food expenses. Maybe HE needs to read the book :)


The Butcher and the Vegetarian, by Tara Austen Weaver, is a book about the food writer’s journey with meat-eating (and meat-avoiding) and how she deals with it. I’m always interested in reading about the philosophies and mindsets behind other vegetarians.

Any book recommendations from you?


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