A post-novocaine afternoon to relax

Got back from yet another trip to the dentist. 3 shots of novocaine and 4 fillings later…. I am so numb it’s not funny. Well, actually it is humorous. I drove home from the dentist, attempting to sing along with Queen and Bon Jovi on the radio, but was frustrated with my lack of mouth movement, so I switched to NPR.

The dogs are happy to have me back home from work, but I think they would rather be running around outside and in the garden than relaxing. Sorry puppies, no strenuous work today. Your fur mommy needs to rest.

I think they got the message :)

DSCN0611Now, if only it weren’t in the upper 90s outside with an air quality warning, I’d be all over that hammock. Instead, I think it’ll be the couch + netbook + reading/embroidery.

Tomato Update

I finally de-forested the 3 tomato plants that had become an overgrown bush.

DSCN0534 Looks better now, no?


And here’s my little “hooter” that I picked up at last weekend’s Artisan Festival in Nashville:


There’s at least 50 tomatoes on these plants right now, and I keep thinking any day now that they should be turning red. In the meantime, I’m taking some in tomorrow for the staff to make fried green tomatoes


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