Longest Day of the Year

With today being June 21st, it is 2 things:

1. The first day of summer

It may be the first day of summer, but it’s felt like summer here for weeks! In fact, I saw on the news tonight that we’ve already had more 90+ degree days than we had in all of 2009!! I guess we’re in for a hot year.

My poor pumpkin plant was looking sad and droopy this afternoon. I have the soaker hose going on in the garden right now, hoping to perk my veggies back up.

2. The longest day of the year

Therefore, it’s only fitting to make it a productive day, since it’s only going to get ‘shorter’ from here on out.

Today’s to-do list included:

  • go to work, delivering basket of homegrown squash
  • grocery shopping
  • buy free shampoo (thank you coupons)
  • drop off paperwork at local school
  • attempt to pick up package at post office (got there 4 minutes after closing. boo)
  • bake oatmeal cranberry cookies
  • cut up pineapple for healthy snacking this week
  • put flea treatment on dog
  • water outdoor plants
  • de-forest tomato ‘bush’ and run away from black widow spider
  • attempt to weed-eat/edge my garden beds with a big pair of scissors :)
  • re-fill bird feeders
  • spread coffee grounds on runt vegetable plants
  • harvest 2 small squash for tonight’s dinner
  • clean bathroom and kitchen sink

Impressive, right? Yes, I thought so.

It’s slightly depressing to realize that everyday from now on will bring a quicker sunset. Dang. And, in honor of the year’s longest day, I’m still awake, on the couch at 9:38pm. The Boy would be so proud. Last Comic Standing is only slightly addictive.


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