How Does Your Garden Grow?



Above is my 2010 Harvest Log that I made to keep track of how much produce I end up with from this year’s garden. So far, it’s just been some squash and zucchini trickling in, but with 40 tomatoes already on my plants, I know I’ll have a lot in the upcoming months!

And here are the pictures, to show you progress:


2 weeks ago:

Day 60 


topsyturvy0615You can see the branches finally started to droop downwards, with the weight of 11 or so tomatoes growing.

Below, you’ll see  the massive “tomato bush” again, where there must be a good 30-40 tomatoes.DSCN0568


The mystery vine I discovered in this last week turned out to be pumpkins, complete with a baby pumpkin.

pumpkin 0615

Here is the vine. It appeared in the middle of some grass, and is slowly taking over the garden. haha. But seriously, each plant has a primary vine, as well as secondary vines that are the food factories for the pumpkins. Yes, I’ve been reading up on pumpkin growing.

pumpkin baby 0615

And here is the baby pumpkin which I initially thought was a watermelon because it’s green, dark/light stripes, and more elongated than I usually associate with pumpkin-ness. But I’m sure it’ll grow and morph rapidly from here on out!

Sweet Potatoes:

Here were the 2 hills when we originally planted them:

sweet potatoes1

sweet potatoes 0615


And now, 2 weeks later, you can see that the plants have grown out a lot (and so have the weeds!). I love how low-maintenance they are, since they appreciate the tropical weather.


Oh, squash. Not only do we have the original squash hill, but we’ve had to relocate and create a second squash community (I didn’t know they’d get so huge) as well as prepare for the random squash plants that are popping up throughout the garden (although some of those turned out to be pumpkin plants).


Here is the original zucchini hill (planted 5 weeks ago). The squash were next to it, looking about the same.


 3 weeks later:

Bigger and bigger plants. We ended up moving some to that space between the zucchini and the potato plants (luckily they just grow vertically!)


 squash 0615


Squash plants continue to enormify (and this is with about half the plants of the original hill!) and take over. I’ve gotten about 5 good yellow squash from them so far.

zucchini 0615

Here is a zucchini growing very well – ironically not from the zucchini plants I planted, but from one of the random/mystery plants that appeared out of no where.



My basil plant has succeeded, even after the strawberries all stopped producing. But they’re still nice, green and leafy, and sending out runners all over the place.

carrots 0615

This is a terrible picture of my carrots. They’re growing OK, but the weeds are so abundant that I hope they can still compete.

beans 0615

And here are my bush beans. No problems here – thankfully a plant that stays in the original row in which they were placed!

Not photographed: watermelon, cantaloupe, spaghetti squash (just imagine in a few months – my garden will be completely overrun with vines and squash plants of all shapes and sizes!), onions, leeks, garlic, bell peppers, other herbs.


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