Fillings and Tendrils

Hi there!

My day at work went by pretty quickly and then it was off to the dentist for my fillings! We opted to just do one filling today, and the other 3 next week. This way I only had to leave with one side of my face drooping. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if my entire face was stroke-like. Don’t think I would’ve managed to sing along to Michael Buble very well!

Some more intense summer heat today, along with afternoon thunder showers. I went out to the garden to check on my veggies. I had intended to do some serious weeding, but the sun is back out in full force. I’ll head back out after dinner.

No new squash to pick today. I made an excellent southwestern squash casserole last night which will last me throughout the week. The first of many squash casseroles for the upcoming summer, I can predict. After reading other gardening bloggers’ stories of nonstop squash harvests, when neighbors shut their doors at the sight of you coming over with a friendly basket of squash, I started to cringe. That will be me! Only I don’t have a family to feed my squash to, nor do I have any neighbors that I know.

But I do have friends that will be visiting me during the summer, and a boyfriend who is about to love some zucchini bread. haha

While trying to take inventory of the “mystery compost” plants that grew out of scraps thrown out during last fall, I discovered a long pumpkin vine, complete with a baby green pumpkin!

At first I thought it was a watermelon. I actually would’ve been more excited about a watermelon (believe me, I have plenty of those planted as well), but I don’t remember having any seeded watermelons last fall that would’ve been thrown out there.

I will post sometime soon with photographic garden update :)

I read a long article about growing pumpkins, training them to grow/climb/cover however you want. Those tendrils of theirs amaze me! Super curly, they wrap their fingers themselves around anything they come in contact with, almost like a little baby! So anyway, I’m thinking maybe I should teach them to climb something cool. I may not be able to teach my dogs tricks, but maybe I can train my pumpkins?


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